The City-States of Iatkos

Legends and myths claim that once the whole of the peninsula was devoid of human life, reserved by the gods as a sacred land of plenty which no mortal could claim. In a distant land to the east, a small tribe of mortals was being driven out and slaughtered by a rival clan and was soon to face its own extinction. According to the story, the god now known as the Trickster took an interest in tormenting this poor tribe, amused at their stubborn will to survive and their devotion to Daughter Moon even in the face of their own demise. Always eager to exploit the rivalry between the Twins, the Trickster used his deceptive powers to seduce the Sun God and lure him into the tent of the dwindling tribe’s high priestess, the devoted mortal servant of his sister, Daughter Moon. The resulting offspring of this union had the spark of divinity within him and an unusual mixing of the powers of the Domains of Light and of Dark. He was named Iatkos. The child grew and became a leader amongst his people and a figure of many legends and stories, resisting his tribe’s oppressors and keeping his people alive against impossible odds. It is said he challenged the ancient beliefs of his people and turned them into worshippers of Light and Dark in equal measure. His more than mortal deeds and faithful worship drew the attention of the Sun God, who belatedly recognized his own son and the Trickster’s mischief. Unwilling to watch his offspring’s people die out, the Sun God led Iatkos and his tribe across the waters to the peninsula, where he granted the unclaimed land to his son and his descendants for all time. Iatkos had several wives who bore him seven sons. On his death, the sons of Iatkos spread out across the peninsula and, the legend goes, each founded one of the seven great city-states of the region.

The Iatkosi, as natives of the peninsula are called, consider themselves descendants of divinity through their forebearer and their homeland a divine sanction from the heavens. It’s easy to see why, for the peninsula is especially rich in fertile soil, natural minerals and ores, possessing a mild climate with plenty of rain and many rivers. While wars and rivalries have existed in plenty between the various city-states, ultimately the people of the peninsula recognize other Iatkosi as cousins of the same family, and not true foreigners like people from other lands.

The Cities of the Iatkos Peninsula

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The City-States of Iatkos

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